How to Start a blog in 2021 & Earn Like Crazy

If you still don’t have a blog in 2021 then you don’t get the taste of the unfair advantage that bloggers have.

Are you searching How to start a blog in 2021 and make a crazy amount of money on complete autopilot through your blog.

Then today this article will reveal to you all the secrets to make a fantastic blog and all of the earning opportunities.

Everything that you must know, that is written in this article. Complete and Right information.

And also In this article you will know How to get a FREE .com domain, FREE SSL, and FREE professional email.

Just give me 30 minutes. And follow me step by step. I can guarantee you after finishing this article your blog will be ready.

You don’t have one single question regarding setting up your blog.

  • Here are a few questions that you might have.
  • How to start a blog in 2021 and earn money
  • How to start a Profitable Blog in 2021
  • How to start a blog from scratch and how can I make money through it?
  • How to start a blog and make money in USA or India or any country

Don’t worry. Don’t Worry.

I am answering all of the questions. The Best way to start a blog in 2021 is here in this article.

So let’s get started without any further delay because your time is valuable. And I make sure that you will get extraordinary value from this one article.

Steps to start a profitable blog

1. Select a Profitable Niche for Your blog

Many people don’t know what a niche is? And they just post random content to their blog.

Let me tell you an interesting fact.

95% of bloggers who earn huge money, don’t care about passion. They just care about profitability. Because only passion will not give you money.

1. Passion + No Profitability = No Money

2. Passion + Profitability = Huge Money

3. No Passion + Profitability = Huge Money

So, you must focus on the second and third point.

Selecting a profitable niche is Game Changer for you. If you have a profitable niche then you can make a crazy amount of money through your blog on complete autopilot.

How can you find a profitable niche?

The answer is lying on the question itself. “Profitability”

You have to keep in mind that the niche must be profitable. And not just about your passion.

Only Profitability:

If you want to earn hell lots of money then you have to sell products through your blog.

  • This could be any affiliate product (Amazon affiliate, or Clickbank, or Jvzoo, or Shareasale, etc.)
  • This could be your own product
  • This could be network marketing product
  • This could be any digital marketing services or any services

Or anything.

#Epic Example: When we listen to a song for the first time many of us don’t like it for the first time. Because we are not familiar with that. But if we listen to it for the third or fourth time then we start liking that song.

There are very few songs that we like for the first time. Most of the songs we start liking after listening to it for the third or fourth time.

And same goes for niche. As we start working on a profitable niche gradually we become experts on this niche and that becomes passion.

Passion but Not Profitable:

It may be possible that you are passionate about certain things but there is no scope of earning money through your blog.

#Example: You may have an interest in Hollywood movies. You start a blog about celebrities of Hollywood movies. But you can’t generate lots of money from it.

Because this is just an informative niche. You can not sell any product.

Passion and Profitability:

If you could find an intersection point of passion and profitability then there is a huge scope of earning money and enjoying your work.

#Example: If you have interest in different tech products like mobile, laptop, headphones, etc. Then you can start a tech review blog.

So try to find a profitable niche. It does not matter if you are interested or not. Gradually when you write articles you will gain lots of knowledge and after that you will also enjoy your work.

2. Select the Best Domain for Your Blog

As of now you have decided your niche. Now its time to finalize the best domain that suits your niche.

Many of you know what a domain is.

If you don’t know then domain is nothing but the address of your blog or website.



These are the addresses of a particular website.

I will tell you how you can get a FREE .com domain. So don’t buy it now.

Remember this while selecting your domain:

  • Domain must be compliant with your niche
  • Domain should not be too long
  • Try to buy the .com domain only. You can buy country specific domains like .in, .ca, etc. These domains rank on google. Don’t buy .xyz, .club, etc. Because these domains hardly rank on search engines.
  • Domains should not include numbers like “”. Because when you tell that your blog address is people gets confuse either its or its
  • Domain should not include special characters like “ – , /, # % * _”

These are the few checkpoints to select the best domain. And it’s not difficult enough.

You can also check the availability of your domain on But don’t buy it. You can get it for FREE.

3. Select the Best Hosting for Your Blog

Now this step is the most crucial step in this article. It can make your blog forever or break your blog forever.

Hosting server is a cloud storage where you can store your website files. Your website files can not be accessible from your local computer that is why we need a hosting server.

And to build a blog you need hosting. There is no alternative to that.

People usually ask me,

“Hey Prashanta, I have done lots of effort to build my blog and also I have done proper SEO but still it is not ranking on Google. Can you tell me why?”

The answer is simple. Your site speed is very poor. And Google or other search engines hate slow websites.

People buy free or cheap hosting and then expect to rank their site on Google.

Because they are not serious about blogging.

But youre reading this article so it’s my duty to lead you on the right track.

I would not recommend you to buy expensive hosting at the beginning. But at least your hosting must be affordable with extraordinary speed.

And the hosting that I am gonna reveal to you today is Hostinger.


  • Superb site speed
  • Affordable price that anyone can buy
  • One FREE .com domain
  • FREE SSL certificate
  • 100 FREE Business Emails

Can you imagine? You can create 100 professional emails. For 1 email Godaddy will charge you 9 $/ month.

So you just need to buy Hostinger and everything that you need to build your blog is Absolutely Free of Cost.

Also wait. I am giving you a coupon code that will reduce the price.

Here is the link to buy Hostinger.

How to start a blog in 2021
how to start a blog in 2021 and earn money
how to start a blog from scratch

4. Setting Up WordPress for Your Blog

I hope that you have already purchased the hosting. If you don’t then please buy the hosting and follow along with me.

Now it’s time to install the wordpress on your blog.

I will show you the step by step process by which you can install and set up your wordpress blog. You just need to copy paste it.

After changing the Nameservers, Now it’s time to install WordPress to your domain.

Step 1: Log in to your Hostinger account.

Step 2: Click on the “Hosting” and then click on “Add Website.”

Step 3: Enter domain name and password and then click on “Add Website.”

Step 4: Click on hosting again. Your added domain will show here. Now click on “Manage.”

Step 5: Scroll down and click on “Auto Installer.”

Step 6: You will find “WordPress” there. Click on it and. Fill in essential details.

While logging in to your WordPress dashboard, this username and password you have to use. So, carefully enter all the details.

Enter the domain (Make sure to do https://)

Administrative Username

Administrative Email

Administrative Password

Then click on the “Install” button.

It will take some time. 

Step 7: After installation. Go to this URL “”

Log in with the details that you have filled in step 6. And you are good to go.

That’s it you have just finished the whole set up process. Your website is 50% ready now.

4. Installing the SSL:

SSL is crucial for Trust of your readers and Ranking on Google.

After installing WordPress, your next step will be installing. It is straightforward because Hostinger provides free SSL to your website.

Go to the “Home” tab. You will find “Lifetime SSL.” Click on “Set up.” Choose the domain and click on “Install SSL.”

5. Select Extraordinary Theme to Skyrocket your Blog

Themes are extremely important for your website. There are many different themes available which you can download for free, but you should not install those themes.

Because most of the themes are not schema optimized and also these themes slow down your website, which has a very bad impact on SEO.


So, it would be best if you do not go for the free themes. You should always invest a few bucks on one good theme.

You don’t need to purchase lots of themes.

You just need to purchase one good theme.

Here I mention Two Best WordPress Themes that are incredibly famous because these themes are highly schema optimized, lightweight, and extremely fast.

Generate Press Theme:

Personally, I use the Generate Press theme on all of my websites because Generate Press is the fastest among these two themes. 

Astra Pro Theme:

Astra Pro is also a great theme and widely used in different blogs. The site speed is a bit low for the Generate Press theme. But in Astra Pro you get more customization options than Generate Press.

But if you are a beginner then I always and always recommend to use Generate Press.

You don’t need to think too much. Just go for the Generate Press theme. I have used this theme. The performance and customizations are great.

6. Install Best Plugins for your Website

After setting up your theme you have completed your 60% set up.

Now here are some of the necessary plugins that you need.

Contact Form 7: It helps you to embed a contact form on your website that is extremely important. And as per guidelines, you must have a “Contact Us Page.” It is Free.

You have purchased great hosting and that is Hostinger. You are using a great theme that generates press. Your site speed is now good.

To make your site Lightning Fast which will give you an unfair advantage over 95% bloggers, here is the secret tip, use an unrevealed plugin called Wp Rocket.

Wp Rocket: But you must need a cache plugin that removes all cache files from your database and makes your site LIGHTNING FAST. If you use Wp Rocket plugin to your site then I can guarantee you that your website speed will be higher than 95% of bloggers’ sites.

Wp rocket will cost you a tiny amount of money. But you need this plugin. There is no alternative.

Rank Math Pro: Rank Math Pro helps you to do on-page SEO of your blog post. On-page SEO is the first crucial factor of search engine optimization. If On-page SEO is not good, then forget about the ranking.

You don’t need to buy the Rank Math plugin if you are a beginner. Because the free version is sufficient for beginners.

But if you need some advanced functions then you have to buy it. But again no pressure. It is up to you.

UpdraftPlus: This plugin takes a backup of your website, and you don’t need a paid version of this plugin. Use the free version, that is more than sufficient.

Congratulations you have completed all the technical things to set up your blog.

After installing these plugins your website is 90% completed. The remaining 10% is just uploading valuable content and earning money.

Previously I said that after the end of this article you will have your website ready. If you have followed me then your site is ready till now.

I fulfilled my promise. And I hope that you get the answer How to start a blog in 2021?

The second query is how to earn from your blog? I have answered that in the Frequently asked question.

If you don’t follow me then please do the previous steps and then read because I have some more crucial things to say like how can you earn money from your blog.

7. Write Valuable Content

After setting up your wordpress blog, now it’s time to write articles.

I hope that  your niche is clear till now. So, write a few problem solving articles in your niche and publish on your blog.

Checklist to write your blog:

  • Your article must be on problem solving like this article is solving a major problem, How to start a blog in 2021 and earn money?
  • Your content must be unique. You should NOT copy paste any other blogger article. If you do that then forget about SEO ranking and traffic because Google never ranks any duplicate content.
  • Your article should not contain any grammatical errors. And for that you can use Grammarly tool. I have been using this tool for 3 years and this is the only best tool to resolve grammatical errors. The free version is not useful. You have to go for the paid version. But no pressure is up to you. Create the free account now. Click the link below.

These are some checklists that you should follow.

8. Promote Your Content or Blog & Earn Like Crazy

Once you have written and published your article now it’s time to promote your blog post.

Promotion of your blogpost is mandatory because SEO organic will take at least 2 to 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to start a Travel or, Food, or, Financial blog? Is there any difference?

No. There is no difference. The step by step processes written in this article is applicable for any blog. You just need to publish your content according to your niche.

2. What is the cost to start a blog?

The cost is very minimal. You can start with 4$ per month for the hosting. And that is it. The billing period is yearly so the cost is almost 50$ per year.

Because you are getting a domain, SSL certificate, and professional email for free.

Rest of the things like themes and plugins are for, if you want to improve the performance of your website.

It is recommended to invest money on Generate Press theme and Wp Rocket plugin. But if you are running on a tight budget then don’t buy it.

3. Should I start a blog for Free?

Yes, of course. You can start with

But what is the point of doing lots of hard work without getting paid. Your website will not be seen by a single person if you start on

These free methods literally don’t work. Blogging is a business. Business needs some investment.

Think about if you are starting an offline business. How much does it cost? At least 5,000$ or more than that.

And for starting a blog you just need 50$ to start. If your one website fails, then buy a new domain and host it on the same hosting server. It is so simple. You don’t need to buy hosting again.

If you really work hard with dedication then you will not fail. So, believe in yourself.

4. How to get traffic on my Blog?

There are many strategies to get traffic to your blog. The best strategy is search engine optimization. But it takes a little bit of a long time so you have to be patient.

You can read my article on increasing website traffic instantly to know other ways to get website traffic. Link is in the below section of this article.

5. Is starting a blog in 2021 worth it?

Yes! It is worth it to start a blog in 2021.

Almost every business in 2021 is trying to build an online presence due to the covid 19 pandemic. But most of them don’t know how to build an online presence. But they are trying slowly.

That is why the competition level is increasing exponentially. This is the only right time to start a blog.

If you miss this Golden opportunity. Then after one or two years you will just regret. Because you can’t beat the competition.
So it is better to start today onwards without any excuses. Believe in yourself.

If you don’t follow the steps that are written in this article then please scroll up and start your blog now. Become the fast mover and action taker.

6. Is Blogging still profitable in 2021?

1000% Yes!

Blogging has huge potential to earn money online.

Do you know why?

Because only serious people read blogs.

That is why the conversion rate of sales through blogging is too high.

People watch Youtube videos but they hardly buy any product. Conversion rate is low.

But in the case of blogging only serious and targeted people read blogs. So the conversion rate becomes high for blogs.

That is why blogging is still profitable in 2021 and it will be profitable in future also.

7. Do most bloggers make money?

No! This is a foolish question.

When you were in your school days, was everyone a genius?

The answer is no.

Those who take blogging seriously they surely earn money. Because they find some ways to earn from it.

If you are serious then as you progress you will also gain lots of knowledge and find a way of earning money.

So be serious about blogging. You will be successful in this field. Believe in your ability.

8. There are many CMS available, where do I start a blog?e

Yes there are lots of CMS (Content Management System like WordPress) available like WordPress, Wix, Zyro, Weebly, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

But are all of them easy to use? Answer is No.

Are all of them popular? Answer is No.

Then why this question: where do I start a blog?

The one and only best solution that I have been told is WordPress. The most easy to use interface. And it is extremely, extremely popular. You can’t even imagine. Almost 80% of bloggers use WordPress only.

So there is no point in thinking. WordPress is free and open source. Whereas in other CMS you have to pay extra money.
Go for WordPress only.

9. How many blogs should I post in a month?

It depends on you and your niche. A great number is, publish one blog post in one week.

But if you can’t do that then, you should at least publish one blog post in two weeks.

10. How long before a blog gets traffic?

Sometimes it takes two to three months or sometimes it may take ten to eleven months. It completely depends on your keyword research, on page seo and off page seo.

For my case I have seen that my different websites take at least six to eight months to get a good amount of traffic.

Final Words:

I have tried my best by helping you to start your blog. I hope that you don’t have any query on How to start a blog in 2021 and also how to earn from it. So make sure to share this article.

Thank you for spending time with us.

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