17 Best Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Fast That CONVERT 2021

Increase website traffic fast

It is very annoying.

You are doing the hard work to generate high-quality articles, and no organic traffic is coming to your website.

I have faced the same issue. And from my experience I am writing this article.

Don’t worry.

Here I have discussed the 17 all time proven ways to increase blog traffic fast.

But remember, the quality of traffic matters more than the quantity of traffic.

If you have huge traffic on your website, but it does not convert into sales, you can’t earn money. So here in this article, I mainly focus on targeted traffic rather than junk traffic.

Many people struggle and don’t know how to get targeted traffic to the website fast?

Here I have mentioned some of the best traffic sources for the blog, SEO traffic generation. And some of the unrevealed strategies to get more visitors to your website.

Just read this article for 10 to 15 minutes, and you will have a clear understanding of how to drive real targeted traffic to your blog.

No one can deny the contribution of SEO in free targeted traffic generation. If you are not doing proper SEO of your blog, you miss a huge number of targeted traffic.

SEO traffic generation is an amazing way to get more visitors to your website (Targeted web traffic) on complete autopilot. You have to understand the power of SEO.

So, the first five points are related to SEO by which you can increase the organic traffic of your blog.

SEO traffic generation

Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic Fast

1. Focus Long Tail Keywords:

First thing first, you have to select some relevant long-tail keywords for your blog post. Don’t waste your time on short or mid-tail keywords.

Here are the benefits of long-tail keywords

  • Keyword intent is clear 
  • Low competition
  • Highly targeted traffic comes to your blog
  • Better conversion rate

So, always and always try to optimize your blog post using a primary long-tail keyword.

But the biggest problem is

How to find the long tail keywords?

Many people think it is hard to find relevant long-tail keywords, but it is just a piece of cake for you if you use the right tools.

The SEMRUSH is one of the most popular tools to find the long tail and LSI keywords (LSI keywords discussed in the next point).

I use SEMRUSH for keyword research, and apart from me, most popular bloggers also use this tool.

You can use the SEMRUSH tool for Free of Cost for 30 days. Use the below link to activate your free 30 days trial.

Go ahead and activate your free trial. If you don’t like this tool, which is very unlikely, you can easily cancel it anytime.

2. Use LSI Keywords in Your Content:

A blog post does not rank for a particular keyword. It ranks for multiple keywords.

If you want to increase the relevancy of your blog post in the eyes of search engines and rank for 100s of different keywords, then simply use LSI keywords.

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It means some related keywords.

For example: 

Let suppose your primary keyword is “Blue Shirt for men.

But do you think everyone will search this keyword as it is? The answer is NO.

People can use different phrases with similar meanings.


  • Purchase Best Blue Shirt for Men
  • Buy Best Blue Shirt for Men
  • What are the Best Blue Shirts

And so on.

So, you have to use this keyword in your article to increase the relevancy of your article and rank for all of these keywords.

Again, how can you find this type of keyword?

Using the SEMRUSH tool, you can easily find this type of keyword.

Log in to the SEMRUSH account that you have created now.

Go to Keyword Magic Tool.

Search any keyword.

It will show you lots of phrase match keywords.

By using this simplest strategy, I find LSI keywords for my blog post.

3. Use Attractive Blog Post Title:

You have ranked for specific keywords on the search engine, but you don’t use an attractive title of that blog post.

Then it will spoil all your hard work.

Because for the audience, there are ten results to choose from. And if you can’t take the audience’s attention, then no one clicks on your blog post.


Title 1: “How to Lose Weight easily | Top 7 Ways”

Title 2: “7 Proven Ways to Lose Weight and look slimmer | Ultimate Guide”

In which blog post will you click?

I think you have chosen the second blog post because the title looks more attractive.

The first title is not so attractive.

But in the second title, the keywords are very strategically placed.

The word “Proven” builds the trust that these 7 ways are proven for other people.

Word “Ultimate” is a power word, and it catches the attention of the audience.

The phrase “Look Slimer” is a benefit of losing weight.  

That is why the second blog post will get more visitors though it ranks below the first blog post.

If you want to know the power words, then check this 401+ Power words list.

4. On-page SEO:

On-page SEO is the most crucial factor of SEO. If you don’t do on-page SEO, then forget about your ranking.

If you do on-page SEO correctly, your blog post may rank on search engines without backlinks also.

Rank Math Pro is a great tool to calculate the score of on-page SEO. Rank Math pro is a must-have plugin for your website.

It provides a checklist that you should follow into your blog post.

Some of the checklists are

  • Primary keyword include in Meta Title
  • Primary keyword include in Meta description
  • The article should include images
  • The article should include internal linking

And many more.

It is simple and straightforward to use.

So, you must install the Rank Math Pro plugin for doing on-page SEO. You can check this official link to the Rank Math Pro website.

5. Off-page SEO:

Off-page SEO mainly focuses on backlinks. In 2021 backlinks still have a huge impact on the ranking of a website.

Backlinks mean how many other websites are linking to your website. And some of the other factors are video submission, article submission, blog promotion, branding.

Link Building: While creating backlinks you have to be careful. You must focus on creating high quality backlinks. Mean you should create backlinks on good, reputed website. If you build low quality backlink or purchase links then this may potentially harm your website rankings.

Video & Article submission: There are many sites where you can submit video or article and in return you will get a link from that site.

Blog Promotion: After publishing your article you should promote your blog post. If you don’t know how to promote blog article then you can refer this article on How to get your blog noticed

These are some strategies for off-page SEO. After on-page SEO, you should focus on backlink building. Now backlink building is not a small topic, and it is not an easy task also.

So here is a great article that is published on backlinko.com. You can refer to this article regarding backlink building. 

6. Publish viral contents:

Before publishing viral content, you must have knowledge of why some content goes viral.

These viral contents get more and more shares and become viral.

So, you have to publish sharable contents that may go viral.

Viral content may be

  • Something that is new and entertaining
  • Polarizing concepts. Mean which people strongly believe, but you say opposite to that. But remember, your opposite statement should make sense.
  • Controversial topics. It is not recommended.
  • Something that is related to celebrity.

Out of these, what I like the most is a polarizing concept.

Do you know why Rich Dad Poor Dad’s book is the bestselling book?

Because it uses a polarizing concept.

People always say save money. But Robert Kiyosaki’s rich dad says saving money is actually losing money. And that’s true because of inflation.

People believe that rich people pay a lot more tax. But actually, the rich person knows how to save tax, and they pay very low tax, which is described in this book.

So, these are the polarizing contents. But always and always remember, if you are opposing something, that must make sense. If it doesn’t make sense, then no one will care.

7. Publish interviews of influencers:

Publishing interviews of popular influencers is also a great way to drive traffic to your website.

Do you know why this method is so effective? Let me tell you why.

Influencers already have an audience base and followings.

If you post an interview of that influencer to your website, then the influencer will share your article.

As they have a following, people will know your site also. And you can drive a good amount of traffic to your website.

This is one of the excellent strategies that you can use to drive traffic.

8. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most incredible ways of driving traffic. All-time-proven way to drive traffic is email marketing.

But for that, you have to have an email list. A beginner doesn’t have an email list.

So, if you don’t have an email list, what you can do is run solo ads.

Solo ads are. Basically, you are renting a space in another’s email list.

There are many people who have a big email list. You can ask them to promote your website, and in return, you pay them money.

Now the question is, from where can you find solo ads vendor?

It is Udimi.com, my favorite site to purchase solo ads.

I am giving you a $5 bonus link. If you sign up through this link now, you will get $5 to run solo ads.

9. Blog Commenting:

This is extremely simple to do but not as much effective as a guest post. Find some relevant blogs, comment on that blog and give your blog URL.

Whenever people see your comment, they may land on your website.

You can comment on many blogs to drive traffic. But here is an important thing don’t post any spam comments; otherwise, the blog owner will not approve your comment.

Try to take part in the conversation. If your comment is attractive, then only people will land on your website.

10. Guest post:

Guest post or guest blogging is one of the proven ways of getting traffic almost instantly. Guest post is quite typical to do, but it’s way too effective.

First of all, you have to find a popular blog and outreach owner of the website. You can contact me via mail.

You can use this email template:

Hey (Blog Owner Name)

I am a regular visitor of your website (www.abc.com). You are doing excellent work.

If you do publish content from guest authors, I would love an opportunity to be one of them.

Here are some topics:

#Topic 1:

#Topic 2:

I don’t mind discussing additional topics if you don’t think these are the right fit for your blog.

Thank You

(Your Name)

This is a powerful technique because you are finding a popular blog that has traffic. If you can publish your article with your blog link on their site, then your blog also gets traffic.

Now there is a high chance that the owner may reject your offer. But if you ask them for the paid guest post, then they may think about this. You have to convince him.

Once they agree, create good content and attach your blog link to the article. So, this is a great way to attract traffic, and also, this has SEO benefits because you are getting a high-quality backlink from an authority website.

11. Promote site with blogger outreach:

This is the kind of guest post you can say. You can pay money to promote your blog on another popular blog.

The popular blogger will put your link on their website, and you get traffic from that website.

12. Share Your Blog Post on Social Media:

increase website traffic through social media

In this modern era, the social media sites are a great way to drive traffic to your blog post.

And this technique is extremely simple.

Create fresh accounts in different social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. You can also create pages or groups instead of creating an account.

After that share, your article. Isn’t it simple?

But the quality of traffic not as good as search engine traffic.

Because from search engine people are finding a piece of information, and they land on your website.

But in the case of social media, people do not intend to get a piece of knowledge. They spend their fun time on social media. So, the quality of traffic is pretty low.

So rather than just posting your blog post anywhere, you have to post the URL in targeted groups strategically. Then only people will click on your link and consume the information.

#Example: If you are in the “Pet niche,” then you can find different groups on Facebook regarding pets. And help other people by linking your content.

In this manner, you can increase website traffic through social media. 

13. Use Social Sharing Plugins:

In the previous point, I have discussed how can you share your article on different social media networks?

Now here I will share how readers can share your article on different social media sites?

Always and always use a social sharing plugin in your blog post. And in the last paragraph of your article, ask the reader, “If you liked my content, then help me by sharing this article.”

And provide social sharing buttons using the plugin.

The best plugin which I use in my blog post is Social Snap. You can use this social sharing plugin.

Another powerful strategy is Click to Tweet, by which you can hide some piece of content, and when readers press the Click to Tweet button, then the piece of article will show to them.

But don’t overuse it; otherwise, instead of sharing your article, the reader will leave your page.

14. Update Old Content:

This is an advanced and one of the excellent strategies to rank your blog post higher than the previous ranking.

When you updated your old blog post by adding an extra piece of knowledge and changing the date of the published blog post, the search engine algorithm gets a signal that this is fresh content that you have uploaded.

Consequently, your ranking goes up, and the traffic increases.

15. Start a YouTube Channel:

How to get traffic to your website fast

In 2021 we can not deny the contribution of videos. And day by day, the contribution of videos is increasing fast.

Along with running a blog, side by side, you can start a YouTube channel and give a link to your blog in the description of the YouTube video.

Those visitors who come to your YouTube channel they may visit your blog also. This is also a great way to increase website traffic, and many bloggers follow this strategy.

16. Comment on Different Blogs:

If you want to build a good relationship with other fellow bloggers in your niche, commenting on others’ blogs is an incredible way.

But don’t comment just to promote your website. For example

“Nice article. Check my article also. Here is the link.”

Not like that.

You should comment genuinely related and engage in the conversation.

Also, for commenting, you should connect Gravatar with your email id.

Because it will fetch your profile photo in the comment, and it looks more genuine.

17. Use Infographics in Article:

If you can create a good impact on the reader’s mind, the reader will directly come to your website without searching anything on google.

No one likes to read the long-form blog post that only contains text and no images or infographics.

Then there will not be any difference between reading a book and a blog post.

So, use images in your blog post. And it would be best if you use infographics. Then people will highly engage with your content, and they will return again.

Here is an example of infographics.

increase blog traffic fast

Also, it increases the average reading time of your article, which gives a positive signal in the eyes of search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why to increase traffic?

It’s simple. Everyone wants to drive more targeted traffic to their blog by which they can generate more leads and convert them into sales.

But remember, as mentioned earlier, the quality of traffic matters more than the quantity of traffic.

How to increase website traffic for FREE?

Here in this article, the strategies are proven, and you can implement them for no cost. So go ahead and promote your website for free by strategies that I have discussed.

Can we generate traffic without SEO?

Then you have to focus on social media and paid advertisement. But if you want high-quality traffic for free, then there is no other option than doing SEO for your blog.

Final Words:

You have just revealed the secret strategies of bloggers. These are powerful methods to drive real targeted traffic and increase website traffic fast.

But you will not get any results if you don’t implement this strategy. So, it is important to apply the strategies.

If you liked this article, then make sure to share this article and let others know how to increase blog traffic fast.

The essential tools that help to drive traffic are Semrush, Rank Math Pro & Social Snap. So, try to use these tools if you are serious about blogging. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

Action is more crucial than just taking the knowledge. If you don’t activate Semrush 30 days free offer, then go ahead and activate it. 

You can cancel it anytime. No questions will ask. 

Thank you for spending time with us.

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